Andreia: My Joy & My Life

Andreia is a big girl now. I felt like I missed out a lot though we just live under one roof  and eat together everyday. That was really fast, I am running out of time with her. She is a cello player now and enjoys cooking.

She never complained about whatever I asked her to do, sometimes she does, still she just obeyed.

Andreia is also being loved by people equally as how much we love her. Khun Panada, her cello teacher is amazing. She made Andreia know her potentials and weaknesses in playing her cello. We love her teacher so much, and return Khun Panada loves her in return like her own.

Khun Punchook and Khun Amy, Andreia’s conductor and mentor; accepted her and treat her like their daughter. We trusts them so much that when we leave Andreia to their care, we don’t have to ask anything.

We are also happy for Andreia’s friends that contributed to what she has become today.

To my daughter, you can only become better. We love you so much.

Music is your life now! Live with it, love it, and enjoy everything that music can bring into your life.

Happy Birthday Lovely.



Ali Bernie Buga-y has been a teacher in arts and music to different international schools in Thailand for nine years until he decided to enjoy the full time lifestyle of being a visual artist. Together with his family, he travels to different national parks in Thailand to experience true encounters in nature and the wildlife. His love for the birds and animals is the driving force that motivates him to photograph and paint them as seen in the wild. The joys of birding can only be shared through visual representations of these lovely feathered creatures carefully studied and observed in their natural habitat. As a graduate of Theology, he perfectly understands that somehow man should find ways to emerge himself to an edenic experience here on earth; and through these physical experiences man may again find spirituality beholding nature. Complicated as it may seem, Bernie finds it refreshing to the mind and soul as nature reveals itself when he observes and study them carefully through photography.

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  • Reiner Ordona

    happy birthday girly! i mishu!

    August 16, 2011 at 2:49 am