Bacolod City Cathedral

I grew up in a Spanish influenced city; Pan de Sal, Sorbete, and Fiestas are part of my life that no one can take away from me. Our city is small and what I reminisce of it are vivid colorful memories of me and my small bothers taken to the Plaza.

The Plaza is a very important place of gathering where my father used to play chess and my grandfather spends his afternoon debating about religion and politics. Our plaza, like the French carrefour, is a practical square where everybody had to drive through around  a square traffic defying the British rotunda. Every Sunday, our mother would bring us to the Plaza to enjoy looking at people playing, sitting on the grass, eating our cotton candies, and sometimes to get a family photo taken by a photographer.

Speaking about religion, the Plaza is also in front of the famous Spanish Era Cathedral. This Cathedral is part of the populace’s spiritual life, that everyday from sunrise to sunset  people would come and pray to get connected to God. The Cathedral is located and situated higher than any other buildings around the city, as it was back in the days, so that the priest and spiritual leaders of the city could see everything from their higher position.

I miss this small city. The Plaza where we played, the Cathedral that watched over us.



Ali Bernie Buga-y has been a teacher in arts and music to different international schools in Thailand for nine years until he decided to enjoy the full time lifestyle of being a visual artist. Together with his family, he travels to different national parks in Thailand to experience true encounters in nature and the wildlife. His love for the birds and animals is the driving force that motivates him to photograph and paint them as seen in the wild. The joys of birding can only be shared through visual representations of these lovely feathered creatures carefully studied and observed in their natural habitat. As a graduate of Theology, he perfectly understands that somehow man should find ways to emerge himself to an edenic experience here on earth; and through these physical experiences man may again find spirituality beholding nature. Complicated as it may seem, Bernie finds it refreshing to the mind and soul as nature reveals itself when he observes and study them carefully through photography.


  • Dave

    Did you learn to draw? Do you have any tips of drawing?

    October 4, 2011 at 8:29 pm
    • admin

      Hi Dave,

      Learning how to draw is a passion. You have to have the desire to learn first in order for you know something. Even if you are not really wanting to be a professional artist, you can always learn for fun.
      find yourself into it first and try drawing and appreciate art.

      Good luck!

      Art mentor,


      October 5, 2011 at 10:16 pm