Tranquillity: Cassia Gallery

Tranquillity is an art exhibition at Cassia Gallery of Sunisa Assawinrungroj and Kulachet Khaochaimaja. The exhibition was again sponsored by the owners of Cassia Gallery Khun Vara-Poj and Khun Pasherin Snidvongs. The exhibition is mainly the fabric works of Sunisa, sewn together to make still lifes of plants and birds altogether in different tones and colors dependent on the threads and the cloth texture used by the artist. While Kulachet installed the canvas of canvas painted of green and yellow to make impressions of bananas as we see them planted. Tranquillity opened last March 15, 2014 and it will close in April 20, 2014.


Here you will see Sunisa explaining her work to Thanpooying Vilavan Viranuvati the process the the amount of time she used to put together one art work.


Kulachet stands right beside his artwork for a good camera smile. I like the way he gave value to the Banana plant, giving it life and story as a very important food to Asian people and the world.


The family of Khun Vara-Poj Snidvongs enjoying some snack and having a chat together.


Here, everybody’s talking and enjoying the lovely works of these two young artists and an work in presented to the family by Kulachet.


Sunisa is ready to give something to Khun Vara-Poj. Something that they have prepared to give during the occasion.


Here is Kulachet presenting one of his works to Khun Pasherin and Khun Vara-Poj on the second floor of Cassia Cafe as part of Cassia Gallery.


Khun Vara-Poj with a basket of fresh organic vegetables from one of the artists who had an exhibition at Cassia Gallery some time ago.


Here is Khun Pasherin with her basket of vegetables fresh from an organic farm. I can see how fascinated and excited she was as I took this photograph. looking at the vegetables myself made me think of ways to cook them for a healthy meal.


Giving credit to the staff of Cassia Gallery, these amazing staff also served for my exhibition last month at Cassia Gallery and I never had some chance to be able to talk to them since the last exhibition. Thank you for your kindness and time that you have given. You have served great tasting teas and drinks.


Finally, Tranquillity can be spelled with one “L” but these artist chose to use two “Ls” in their exhibition. There is always “Beauty in Solitude” and it is what everybody wants in life to have some space as solitude or the chance to be able to appreciate quietness through beholding something which was their art works.

Great works and congratulations to Sunisa and Kulachet!



Ali Bernie Buga-y has been a teacher in arts and music to different international schools in Thailand for nine years until he decided to enjoy the full time lifestyle of being a visual artist. Together with his family, he travels to different national parks in Thailand to experience true encounters in nature and the wildlife. His love for the birds and animals is the driving force that motivates him to photograph and paint them as seen in the wild. The joys of birding can only be shared through visual representations of these lovely feathered creatures carefully studied and observed in their natural habitat. As a graduate of Theology, he perfectly understands that somehow man should find ways to emerge himself to an edenic experience here on earth; and through these physical experiences man may again find spirituality beholding nature. Complicated as it may seem, Bernie finds it refreshing to the mind and soul as nature reveals itself when he observes and study them carefully through photography.