About Bernie

He loves the outdoor where he spends time camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, bouldering, fishing, and many more outdoor activities.

Being close to nature is what he loves most; where he could set a camp fire and just be away from city lights and its fuss. This joy of being amidst nature encouraged him to express its serenity and wonder through visual art expressions in acrylic paintings, oil paintings, pastel paintings, pencil sketches,  and even nature Repoussé of metals like brass, silver, and copper.

Bernie lives with his wife Arpha and his daughter Andréia very near Wat Phuttachai, Saraburi, Thailand.

The mystery and magic never ends as every morning he opens his window to see that majestic temple on the hill, a famous tourist attraction and Buddhist worship destination. These daily scenic experiences inspire him to paint these mystifying colors of landscapes and natural color settings and the sun rises and sets, as the full moon graces the temple taking it away from its mundane state. His backyard is also the Nam Took Samlan National Park where he goes bird watching, fishing, and mountain biking with his family.

Bernie’s Passion

Bernie enjoys nature and likes to paint landscapes, seascapes , flowers, birds and that is about nature. He has seen nature’s own way of revealing composition and colours; all he had to do is find theses unique features and express them visually for everyone to see.

The artist also plays the flute and conducts beginning bands and orchestras in the Philippines and Thailand. He is a member of the Bangkok Charity Orchestra, pioneered and conducts the Saraburi Community Orchestra.

He has organized art shows and concerts for students where ever he goes and now he brings himself out to show his very own works. The artist recently studied at Silapakorn University in Nakhon Pathom, the art of Jewelry Making focusing on the love for his instrument, the flute. December 2010, he studied under Francisco Candelaria, a master flute and headjoint maker based in Manila, Philippines, the art of making headjoints for the flute.